Hostage Chess

Fascinating, exciting, extremely entertaining — what a wonderful new game!”

— Grandmaster Kevin Spraggett

Mating attacks are the norm. Anyone can hope to discover new principles or opening lines.”

— Grandmaster Larry Kaufman

Every bit as intriguing as standard chess. Beautiful roads keep branching off in all directions, and sharp-eyed beginners sometimes roll right over the experts.”

— FIDE Master Robert Hamilton

With only a few rule changes, Hostage Chess creates a marvelously exciting variant on the classical game.”

— International Master Lawrence Day

Chess is not yet played out, but it is no longer possible to perform at a high level without a detailed knowledge of openings. In Hostage Chess creativity and imagination flourish, and fun returns.”

— Peter Coast,
ex Scottish Champion

Probably the most remarkable chess variant of the last fifty years. Captured men are hostages that can be exchanged. Play is rarely less than exciting, sometimes with several reversals of fortune. Dramatic mates are the rule, not the exception. ”

— D.B.Pritchard, author of "The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants"

It develops your imagination, your sense for the big fish lurking in chess waters. ”

— John Leslie, originator of Hostage Chess

Hostage Chess takes all the usual rules of chess, and adds in the ability for captured pieces to return to the board. This simple change results in an exciting tactical game that can explode with dramatic reversals at a moment's notice.

You can use any chess set and board, making a little extra temporary room on each side of the board for captured pieces. Play with a friend, or explore the game by yourself with a free Windows-based computer opponent.

Hostage Chess is every bit as deep as ordinary chess, and abounds with strategies and tactics that are waiting to be discovered. The best opening variations haven't been found. The best strategies aren't known. It's up to you to find them.